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The control of pests, weeds and disease through the use of chemical compounds began approximately 3000 years ago.

Since that time significant technological advances have proven to be both a blessing and a curse, as more powerful pesticides, when improperly applied or when defective, can cause catastrophic damage to unsuspecting victims, their crops, and property. Carney Bates & Pulliam has considerable experience in pesticide litigation, and has represented farmers who suffered crop damage caused by defective and misapplied pesticides, as well as individuals who suffered personal injuries due to exposure to pesticides. In most instances, time is of the essence in pesticide cases. Particularly with crop damage, evidence of drift patterns and exposure symptoms on vegetation can be fleeting. If you have suffered crop damage, personal injury, or property damage due to misapplied or defective pesticides, you should immediately contact the regulatory authority over pesticide applications in your state. If you have suffered an acute exposure to any pesticide, you should immediately contact your physician and your local Poison and Drug Information Center. In addition, you should take immediate steps to document the nature and extent of the damage by photographic or videographic means and contact us for a free consultation.

For pesticide litigation, it is critical to choose an attorney with the requisite experience. Pesticide litigation requires familiarity with the relevant federal and state agencies, knowledge of the myriad state and federal regulations applicable to pesticides, expertise with the relevant technical sciences, and quick access to qualified experts to investigate and document damage before the critical symptoms disappear. Carney Bates & Pulliam is proud to offer that experience.


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