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Class Actions

Carney Bates & Pulliam, PLLC, is a class action firm committed to holding corporations accountable for their actions – from tech companies, to consumer product manufacturers, to financial institutions.  We regularly face the world’s largest entities, forcing settlements which have resulted in over a billion dollars for class members – and more when considering the value of altered business practices.

Class actions may give rise to nauseating thoughts of Steve Martin signing 9,987,653 checks for $1.09. We agree and we have a strong tradition of bringing real value to our clients through the suits we choose to pursue – this informs our history of making investments in cases we believe will make a palpable difference in the lives of all individuals affected by illegal corporate behavior.

The class action is unique because they provide a mechanism to bring meaningful justice to large groups of people for widespread wrongdoing.  It provides for more effective and appropriate relief because it makes obtaining a positive result more efficient, and it further brings relief to individuals who would otherwise have no incentive to make the investment to pursue action.

Class actions provide a means for many people to speak with one voice.  One case of a poor consumer product is valued significantly less than ten thousand cases of people injured in the same way by the same defendant.

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If you would like to learn more about our data privacy litigation group, or if you have a claim you would like us to investigate, we invite you to contact us at info@cbplaw.com or call our offices at (888) 551-9944.

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