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Mergers & Acquisitions

Carney Bates & Pulliam has built a strong practice representing public shareholders of companies undergoing “change-of-control” transactions, including management-led leveraged buyouts, mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, or other going-private transactions.  In connection with these corporate restructurings, shareholders are given either cash for their stock (meaning that the company has become a privately held company) or may receive stock in a new company in exchange for their existing shares.

Although corporate officers and directors are obligated as a matter of law to protect shareholder interests and to take steps to maximize shareholder value during these transactions, too often the officers and directors have conflicts of interest or otherwise fail to maximize the value or compensation available to shareholders.

Carney Bates & Pulliam seeks to protect shareholders by insuring that they receive maximum compensation for their shares and also by insuring they receive all necessary information and disclosure concerning the transaction. Our firm has been responsible for the restructuring of numerous transactions on terms more favorable for shareholders, and we have recovered many millions of dollars in increased compensation for shareholders whose equity is acquired in change-of-control transactions. For example, our firm represented shareholders of Nationwide Financial in a going private transaction, and was able to achieve more than $200 million to the public shareholders. In a similar matter, our firm represented shareholders of 7-Eleven and helped negotiate an additional $140 million in the sales price.

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